WORX GT Weed Eater Review

WORX GT WG151 18-Volt Cordless Electric Lithium-Ion String Trimmer/Edger

WORX GT WG151 18-Volt Cordless Electric Lithium-Ion String Trimmer/Edger Rating:
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WORX GT WG151 18-Volt Cordless Electric Lithium-Ion String Trimmer/Edger


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I’ve been mowing lawns for over ten years now and have used all kinds of different weed eaters. So I was a bit surprised to come across the Worx GT weed eater. A trimmer that not only had I not used, but I had not heard of before. Even more surprising was that it was a pretty popular choice among homeowners.

I first conducted some research online and was impressed with some of the slick marketing that the company produces. I could understand why so many would give this weed eater a try. However, after reading hundreds of reviews and trying it out myself, the Worx GT weed eater might not be all that it claims.

WORX GT Weed Eater  Features:

  • Trimmer/edger combo 
  • Battery powered
  • Single line feed
  • 10″ cutting radius
  • 5.3 lbs.
  • 2 year warranty
  • Foldable spacer guard
  • Easy to adjust shaft
  • Environment friendly
  • Tool wall mount rack
  • Charger wall mount rack

WORX GT Weed Eater Review:

Lets first take a look at the things I liked about the Worx GT weed eater. For starters, it is powered by an 18 volt Lithium-Ion battery, which charges quickly and is also good for the environment. I also liked that it came with a wall mount rack for the trimmer and the charger for easy storage.

The trimmer is extremely light, weighing just 5.4 pounds.That’s almost too light for my liking, but I imagine most will appreciate this feature. It also has an adjustable shaft, handle, and head so that it can be comfortable to use for different people and holding styles.

It was quick and easy to turn the trimmer into a walk behind edger. Unfortunately, that is where the positives would end.

Like other battery and electric powered weed eaters, I did not expect too much power from this model. However, even with my lowered expectations, I was not impressed with the power and felt that the Black And Decker NST2018 weed eater had more power and is less expensive.

And, while the trimmer is easy to adjust to your size, I still found it awkward to use. I stand 6′ 2″ and even with the shaft fully extended, the trimmer was just too short for my liking.

The battery life was the biggest disappointment from people who have purchased the Worx GT. Since I only used the unit for a couple of lawns, I did not experience any significant problems. But, I can say that the Black And Decker outperforms it again. It lasts longer and has a lower price.

Of all the weed eater reviews that I read, most of the complaints were focused on the battery. And since a new Worx battery costs over half the price of the unit itself, this is a pretty significant problem. Many were disappointed with how long the battery would last, but there were even more complaints that the batteries would just quit working altogether.

While there is a one year warranty on the battery, several owners mentioned how bad the customer service was. Many times the customer service operators were rude. And, there was an extended wait period to receive a new battery because so many were requesting new ones. On top of all that, many of the replacement batteries would quit working after a few uses.

Bottom Line:

Unfortunately, I can not recommend buying the Worx GT weed eater. There are just too many other quality, lower priced options available. Find more Worx Weed Eater details on Amazon where they have several others to choose from that are on sale and include free shipping.

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4 Responses to WORX GT Weed Eater Review

  1. Betty says:

    After watching the info show on TV I decided to purchased the Worx GT for my Mom. I even upgraded to the larger battery. What a RIP-OFF. She used it 3 times, then the battery wouldn’t hold a charge. She called the company several times and always got the run around. They wouldn’t ever replace the battery, must less give her a refund. I don’t know how they can still be in business.

  2. FRANK T.GURNICK says:

    I`m in a electric wheelchair.But still take care of yard.I have a WORX weedeater/edger combo and the batt.blower There`re super light and do a fantastic job.I`ve had 3 batt. and 2 chargers for almost 2 years and they still work great.I use them once a week and the blower more than that

  3. Tom says:


    My Worx battery stopped working after only 16-20 uses. Each time I operated the weed eater for 15-20 minutes. The replacment batteries are a rip-off. At this rate the battery costs $3-$4 every time I turn it on! If I factor in what I paid for the tool and the battery, it costs me over $7.00 per use. Ouch.

  4. stephen riffie says:

    I would never even consider a piece of crap like this. Of course I did commercial lawn care. That thing is worthless. Spend more money and buy a Red Max. Gas powered, yes. It will still be running after you leave this life. Especially if just useing it on your own house.

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