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Picking the right weed eater is an essential part of having a well manicured, beautiful lawn. So how do you choose which one is right for you? You have picked the right place. There are several factors to consider when you make your purchase and below I have created a mini buyer’s guide to make it easier for you. After you have completed reading it, browse through my weed eater reviews so that you can pick the perfect trimmer for you and your lawn.

Power Source: This is one of the most important decisions you will make. It comes down to three choices: gas, electric, or battery. Each one has its own benefits and draw backs. Gas trimmers are the most durable and powerful, but require the most maintenance. Electric models are easy to use and store, however, they have limited range and power. Battery powered are also easy to use and relatively quiet, but have a limited battery life.

Price: Most homeowner weed eaters will be priced between $50 – $200. Usually the gas powered units are more expensive. And many times, you will find you get what you pay for. If you will be using your string trimmer on a consistent basis and have a lot of trimming to do, opt for the model that is suited for that. On the contrary, if you have a small lawn that does not require much trimming, buy accordingly. If you are going to be buying online, I recommend Amazon.com. They always seem to have the lowest prices, both online and off.

Ease of use: Straight shaft or J shaft? Short or long? Heavy or light? Weed eaters come in all different shapes and sizes. And frankly, they can be awkward to use, especially if you are not experienced using one. Therefore, it’s important to select a trimmer that your are comfortable with. For example, I always use a straight shaft and whenever I try using a J shaft, it feels like a foreign object. However, I see people all the time comfortably using a J shaft model.

Safety: I can’t stress enough the importance of wearing eye and ear protection. Over the years, I’ve had all kinds of rocks and sticks fly up around my face. Fortunately, I have always used my safety equipment. Do yourself a favor and pick up some safety glasses and ear protection.

 Now that we’ve got the basics out of the way, check out my detailed weed eater reviews to learn which one is right for you and your lawn. You’ll get my unbiased reviews on all of the top selling brands.

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