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Stihl FS 55 Trimmer Review

Stihl FS 55Last summer my trusty Shindaiwa T231 weed eater finally quit working. It was about four years old and I had put it through some heavy use over the previous few summers. The weed eater was beyond spending money on trying to repair it. It simply was time to get a new trimmer.

So, I went to shop around for another Shindaiwa. While looking, I noticed the Stihl FS 55 trimmer. What was appealing to me was that it was about $100 cheaper than the Shindaiwa. The catch was that it was only intended for “consumer or light professional use”. Since I had cut down on my mowing schedule, I felt that this model would work for me and went ahead and bought it.

Product Features:

  • Clean, smooth design
  • Heavy duty clutch
  • Trigger throttle
  • Adjustable front loop handle
  • Lined drive shaft
  • 27.2 cc engine
  • 10.6 pounds

My Review:

I had never owned a Stihl trimmer before. In fact, I had hardly used in one. And to be honest, the few times I did use one, I wasn’t crazy about it. I was satisfied and used to using my trusty Shindaiwa weed eater. There was no reason to use or buy anything else.

I was well aware, though, that Stihl built quality products. I have always used Stihl backpack blowers and wouldn’t think of using anything else. They are the best backpack blowers I have ever used. I have also owned a couple of Stihl chainsaws that I was very happy with. If you look and see what equipment your neighborhood lawn and landscape companies use, most likely you will find a few Stihl products.

That is why I wasn’t hesitant to give the Stihl FS 55 a try. I knew that any feelings I had about Stihl trimmers were the result of my bias towards Shindaiwa. And since I could save $100, I decided to give it a shot.

When I first started using the trimmer it felt a little awkward holding it since I was so accustomed to using a Shindaiwa. Fortunately, I was able to adjust to it quickly. I found that it was easy to start every time and offered plenty of power. It definitely had as much or more power than a Shindaiwa.

I’ve been using the FS 55 for close to a year now as my main weed eater. I haven’t had any mechanical issues with it. My one complaint is that I find it vibrates quite a bit. This might not be an issue if you only use a trimmer occasionally, but if you’ve been using one for years, it’s more of a concern. Other than that, I’ve been very pleased with its performance.

While reading reviews online, I was very surprised with the negative comments regarding the trimmer. Most of them focused on the claim that it was not easy to start. I was not as surprised to see such comments when I read them about the Homelite weed eater, since you have to follow specific instructions to a T to get it started. But, I have had absolutely no problem starting this trimmer and I probably put more wear and tear on it than most.

Bottom Line:

The Stihl FS 55 trimmer is another high quality product from Stihl. It offers plenty of power and is reliable. If you mow a few extra lawns in addition to your own, this is a perfect trimmer for you.

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  • tim adkins May 2, 2012, 9:10 pm

    got astihl fs 36 had for over 20 years starts 1st pull every time would’nt trade it for any other

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